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Pool Repairs

Oasis Pools will help you get back to swimming in no time! We offer repairs for our customers on various electrical, mechanical, and plumbing issues. Listed below are some of our most common issues. 

Pool Chlorinator

 Repairs can be made to chlorine or salt systems. Oasis will install a new chlorinator to provide you with a feasible way to maintain proper santization levels.

Pool Heater Service 

Repairs, and replacement are offered. 

Pump Service 

Pump motor replacements and new pump installation is offered. 

Pool Filter

Filter cleaning, filter service and filter installation are offered. 

General Plumbing

If leaks are suspected a tech will be sent out to service all the plumbing equiptment. 

Pool lights

Pool light and bulb replacements can be swaped out. new light systems are avaliable for installation. 


We offer free estimates on pool liner. 

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